Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fonts and Colors

Sorry this Font list is overwhelming and not very good. But if there is a specific font you like that isn't on here, let me know, I can either find it or match it pretty closely.

Matte Finish: Black White Cream Camel Brown Cranberry Red Dark Blue Dark Green
Gloss Finish: Black White Cream Silver Gold Brown Burgandy Cranberry Red Orange Dark Yellow Daffodil Yellow Lime Green Kelly Green Green Dark Green Forest Green Teal Sky blue Artic Blue Ocean Blue Vivid Blue Dark Blue Light Purple Purple Plum Pink Hot Pink


*Height x Length - *height is top of tallest letter to bottom of lowest letter.

1-2 inches x     1ft=$1.00      2ft=$2.00
2-4 inches x     1ft=$2.00      2ft=$4.00
4-6 inches x     1ft=$3.00      2ft=$6.00
6-8 inches x     1ft=$4.00      2ft=$8.00
8-10 inches x   1ft=$5.00      2ft=$10.00
10-12 inches x 1ft=$6.00      2ft=$12.00

Prices are subject to change. If you want a definite price, please ask, I will always give you a bid.

Write on the wall

Vinyl is perfect for that blank place on your wall. It is also perfect to personalize your front door, you can change for every holiday or make your guests always feel welcome, with "welcome".


*If you would like specific prices, please email me:

Personalize a Room

*Prices vary per project.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Vinyl Price for blocks is $3.00 for one layer. For example, "Wisemen still seek him" is one layer, the wisemen graphic in the back is another layer, so cost for that block is $6.00. Some of the backs are scrapbook paper, like the fall and easter blocks.
*the st Patricks day block is four different layers, cost for that is $10.00.


*This board is 5.5x24. The vinyl cost is $10.00.

This board is 5.5x24. The vinyl cost is $10.00.
*You could also do initials, with the complete name as an overlay. Or the overlay could be Child of God or another quote.

This board is 5.5x24. The vinyl cost is $10.00.

This board size is 7.5x24. The vinyl cost is $11.00.
*You can replace the establish date with a design.
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