Monday, February 28, 2011


This makes a GREAT gift for that hard to buy for parent or granparent. This is what my siblings and I gave my Dad. The only down fall is that it is outdated anytime someone has a child...  My sisters and I had one day to get it done so we had to make it pretty simple.  For the pictures and in the bottom right corner we put his favorite scripture, you just print your picture onto a printable fabric, like this Pabric Soft - Print and Sew (10 Sheets), i got mine at joanns. we kept all the squares 5x5 then just added a border. then fabric that we used for the back we allowed enough to fold over the top for binding. Anyway, it may take a day's work but believe me the hard work is WORTH it. It was by far the best present I've ever made... My parents decided it was too nice to use so they hung it on a wall...

 I linked my idea to this great blanket party.
Gabe's Gifts

What's great about this, is that you can donate blankets that will be sent to needy kids... go check it out!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Felt Four-Leaf Clover Topiary-ish Things Tutorial

Ok, Honestly I don't know what to call these, but they are cute and the perfect addition to my St. Patricks Day Decor.   There isn't a lot of St. Patricks Day decor out there, so I resort to making them. So topiary/standy things/ I don't know what they are, but they sit in the middle of my table and are a perfect center piece.
Felt-I used 3 sheets of 8.5x11
Dowels-(2) 12". I cut one into a 7" & a 5". And one into a 6".
Blocks- these are 1.5x1.5
Shamrock templates
Paper and Mod Podge-optional
Glue Gun
1. Drill a hole in the middle of your block to fit the dowel. Use E-6000 to glue the dowel in the hole. Let dry.
2. Paint your stands.
3. Mod Podge your paper to your blocks. Let Dry.
4. Trace your Shamrocks on your felt and cut them out. I used different sizes, colors and cut with pinking sheers on some. I did double layers, so it has a front and back. If you opt to not do a back that's fine, just make sure you at least do two of the base that way you have something to sandwich the dowel and ribbon.
5. Hot glue your layers together. When you glue to front to the back DON"T glue the middle, that's where you'll put the dowel.
6. Add your ribbon to the dowel.
7. Now put some glue in the middle of the sandwiched layers and shove the dowel inside. Then you'll kind of shove the ribbon up to so the felt hides the knots.
All Done!
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Friday, February 25, 2011

This saves my life!

So having kids is ALWAYS messy.  Well, the constant cleaning of my wood table was wearing on the finish. So thanks to my sister-in-law, she gave me this brilliant idea.  I'm sure people all over do this, I just have a few tips to make it look good.  Just go to walmart, in the craft/fabric section and buy the clear plastic, it's meant for picnic tables and stuff, it's on the big rolls... anyway its so cheap, you can get different weights too. I get the medium which is like 2.00 a yard...  so at 6.00 dollars I don't mind getting a new one every 6months to year, depending on how messy it gets... anyway my tips:
Tip #1: on the edges, fold them into the inside and use double stick mounting tape, I used 3M clear tape, anyways use the tape to keep the edges together... You don't see it and it holds really well. And it gives it a finished look and it keeps the table cloth from MOVING, that is key, it makes wiping/cleaning so much easier when your not trying to keep the cover in place!!!!
Tip #2. Not only does this protect your wood tables, it protects your table cloths!
Tip #3:  Use window clings for EASY decorating!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Easy Decorating

Easiest holiday decor ever. I just add window clings to my white plates. Easy to do, easy to store, easy to change. I do something else with window clings that I'll share tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kids/baby hooded towels!

 So my oldest sister had her 6th baby in August. She has everything, so I was kind of lost as what to get her. But at the time I was making these baptism towels for my nieces and nephews that are getting baptized. Go check out here tutorial, it's great. So I just decided to go ahead and make a baby version.  I did the baby's enitial with a few flowers at the bottom. and a flower in the hood as well. The hood is just a wash cloth sewed onto the towel. They turned out great.

Here is poor Ethan modeling the baby girls towel...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Where's Me Pot O' Gold?

My Valentine's decorations are gone and my house is now covered in green and gold. I changed it from last year. Although I miss my gold tree, I had to fill my apothecary jars with the ornaments.
 I got these cute lanterns from Shopko...  I filled my black cauldron/pot with gold ornaments. I still have my shamrock rock art from last year.
 The back of my Valentine's board finally got a st. patricks day look.   The green quote going through the middle says "better an ounce of luck than a pound of gold.  and of course the four blocks in the cupboard have the valentines on the back.
 I made some pillowcases, got the fabric at walmart.
The back of my valentines trio blocks got finished today. I love how they turned out! A little scrapbook paper, some mod podge and some vinyl. Done.
For any of the vinyl feel free to email or comment. I would LOVE to do it for you!  I shared my decor over at and

 and Night Owl Crating!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I kept going!

So after doing my first t-shirt inspired by tearosehome, I kept going. I'm in love with the ruffles.

1. So but one t-shirt into 2inch strips and sew together, I think I did all six strips together for one long strip and ruffle down the middle.

2. for this one I started pinning half way down the v-neck and went around the neckline.

3. then came back around to where I started and then just turned and went back following the v-neck just matching where my other ruffle ended.
I stopped at three ruffles but do whatever you like.
4. I kept my ruffle attached and just sewed what I had pinned. Just down that same ruffle stitch.
5. once you've sewed your ruffles in place you'll start your flower. I went ahead and overlapped my ruffles with the first outer circle of the flower. This makes the flower cover up the unsightly curved of the ruffle.

6. so just sew and curve your ruffle into the flower until you reach the middle. I did add a smaller flower on the other side to cover up the other ruffle curve.
All done!!

I did this one...

then this one!

TRY IT OUT! YOU'LL BE HOOKED... again go check out

 she is amazing. and
Photobucket. there are so many good ideas floating around!

Friday, February 18, 2011

H&M/TeaRoseHome inspired t-shirt

So I read the blog regularly. I 've been so inspired by her t-shirt make overs. I've kept my eye out for cheap t-shirts and I finally found target t-shirts for $1.00!! seriously I had a dance in the store and then bought like 12. So be prepared for t-shirt overload. Anyway I have this shirt from h&m which I love and combined that idea with this from tearosehome. and came up with this.
So to do it. you need two of the same shirt. One to cut up. I cut my strips into two inch strips. I did however many I could get until you hit just below the armpit, I got 8.

2. then using 6 strips I made three long strip by sewing two of the strips together. You have to cut open your strips to sew them together. Once you have your 3 long strips, ruffle by sewing on the edge. I now there are many ruffle techniques. so do what works for you. If i set my machine to the longest stitch and the tightest tension it automatically does it.

3.Pin your ruffle to your shirt. I wanted to do mine like the H&M tee where it didn't follow the neck line. this is the front.

this is the back.

4. Sew along the same ruffle stitch.
5. add your second ruffle just below the first and sew. continuing with however many ruffles you want.

6. For the flower with the two remaining 2inch strips, sew them together as well, then ruffle down the middle of the strip rather than the edge. then I just form my flower as i sew. I start on the outer edge and sew along the same ruffle stitch, except as you sew you'll sew around in a spiral. It's kind of tricky cause your sewing in the middle of all the ruffles. but slowly keep sewing your ruffle in a spiral until you get to the middle. if you strip is too long just trim it. I hope that was explanitory enough. anyway should end up like this! It's cute on. I'll have to take a picture the next time I wear it! good luck!
I linked to crystal's blog and
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