Friday, February 11, 2011

A block for all seasons tutorial

Growing up my mom took a tole painting class and made some blocks similiar to these, except they were all hand painted... So this is bit nostalgic for me. Here is how I made mine.

(4) 4x4x4 blocks... (really measures 3.5x3.5x3.5, but for some reason hardware stores call them 4x4's)...
Mod Podge
Paper cut into 3x3 squares

1. Paint your blocks. I was making two sets so don't be decieved by 8 blocks in the picture.

2. Mod Podge your paper to your blocks. I did all the "christmas sides" then the "home" sides. allowing it to dry in between.

3. Once all the paper has been mod podged and dried. apply the vinyl.
Here are all six sides of my blocks!
**I did revise my vinyl designs a big. The "o" in love is now a heart, the "u" in luck is now a shamrock, the "a" in fall is now a leaf, and NOEL is now snow with the "o" a snowflake... I'll update the picture soon!

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