Friday, February 25, 2011

This saves my life!

So having kids is ALWAYS messy.  Well, the constant cleaning of my wood table was wearing on the finish. So thanks to my sister-in-law, she gave me this brilliant idea.  I'm sure people all over do this, I just have a few tips to make it look good.  Just go to walmart, in the craft/fabric section and buy the clear plastic, it's meant for picnic tables and stuff, it's on the big rolls... anyway its so cheap, you can get different weights too. I get the medium which is like 2.00 a yard...  so at 6.00 dollars I don't mind getting a new one every 6months to year, depending on how messy it gets... anyway my tips:
Tip #1: on the edges, fold them into the inside and use double stick mounting tape, I used 3M clear tape, anyways use the tape to keep the edges together... You don't see it and it holds really well. And it gives it a finished look and it keeps the table cloth from MOVING, that is key, it makes wiping/cleaning so much easier when your not trying to keep the cover in place!!!!
Tip #2. Not only does this protect your wood tables, it protects your table cloths!
Tip #3:  Use window clings for EASY decorating!

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