Friday, February 18, 2011

H&M/TeaRoseHome inspired t-shirt

So I read the blog regularly. I 've been so inspired by her t-shirt make overs. I've kept my eye out for cheap t-shirts and I finally found target t-shirts for $1.00!! seriously I had a dance in the store and then bought like 12. So be prepared for t-shirt overload. Anyway I have this shirt from h&m which I love and combined that idea with this from tearosehome. and came up with this.
So to do it. you need two of the same shirt. One to cut up. I cut my strips into two inch strips. I did however many I could get until you hit just below the armpit, I got 8.

2. then using 6 strips I made three long strip by sewing two of the strips together. You have to cut open your strips to sew them together. Once you have your 3 long strips, ruffle by sewing on the edge. I now there are many ruffle techniques. so do what works for you. If i set my machine to the longest stitch and the tightest tension it automatically does it.

3.Pin your ruffle to your shirt. I wanted to do mine like the H&M tee where it didn't follow the neck line. this is the front.

this is the back.

4. Sew along the same ruffle stitch.
5. add your second ruffle just below the first and sew. continuing with however many ruffles you want.

6. For the flower with the two remaining 2inch strips, sew them together as well, then ruffle down the middle of the strip rather than the edge. then I just form my flower as i sew. I start on the outer edge and sew along the same ruffle stitch, except as you sew you'll sew around in a spiral. It's kind of tricky cause your sewing in the middle of all the ruffles. but slowly keep sewing your ruffle in a spiral until you get to the middle. if you strip is too long just trim it. I hope that was explanitory enough. anyway should end up like this! It's cute on. I'll have to take a picture the next time I wear it! good luck!
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r o y a l said...

I am so happy that you are doing this. And I can't believe you found tees for A DOLLAR!!!


very have done smartly..great!!!welcome blogging & now you have to keep it up buddy..

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