Sunday, February 20, 2011

I kept going!

So after doing my first t-shirt inspired by tearosehome, I kept going. I'm in love with the ruffles.

1. So but one t-shirt into 2inch strips and sew together, I think I did all six strips together for one long strip and ruffle down the middle.

2. for this one I started pinning half way down the v-neck and went around the neckline.

3. then came back around to where I started and then just turned and went back following the v-neck just matching where my other ruffle ended.
I stopped at three ruffles but do whatever you like.
4. I kept my ruffle attached and just sewed what I had pinned. Just down that same ruffle stitch.
5. once you've sewed your ruffles in place you'll start your flower. I went ahead and overlapped my ruffles with the first outer circle of the flower. This makes the flower cover up the unsightly curved of the ruffle.

6. so just sew and curve your ruffle into the flower until you reach the middle. I did add a smaller flower on the other side to cover up the other ruffle curve.
All done!!

I did this one...

then this one!

TRY IT OUT! YOU'LL BE HOOKED... again go check out

 she is amazing. and
Photobucket. there are so many good ideas floating around!

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