Monday, February 21, 2011

Where's Me Pot O' Gold?

My Valentine's decorations are gone and my house is now covered in green and gold. I changed it from last year. Although I miss my gold tree, I had to fill my apothecary jars with the ornaments.
 I got these cute lanterns from Shopko...  I filled my black cauldron/pot with gold ornaments. I still have my shamrock rock art from last year.
 The back of my Valentine's board finally got a st. patricks day look.   The green quote going through the middle says "better an ounce of luck than a pound of gold.  and of course the four blocks in the cupboard have the valentines on the back.
 I made some pillowcases, got the fabric at walmart.
The back of my valentines trio blocks got finished today. I love how they turned out! A little scrapbook paper, some mod podge and some vinyl. Done.
For any of the vinyl feel free to email or comment. I would LOVE to do it for you!  I shared my decor over at and

 and Night Owl Crating!


Crystal said...

I'm pretty sure you have to have the cutest house ever. I love all of your decorations-it makes me want to make something green.

Maureen Kelly said...

Your St. Patrick's Day decorations are wonderful as were your Valentine decorations. I enjoy crafting decorative pieces for the holidays so thanks for sharing your pretty creations.

Lindsey @ Inspiring Creations said...

Love all your cute decorations! I'm featuring you over at my blog on saturday! Come check it out.

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