Monday, March 7, 2011

Luck Banner

So i've seen so many cute banners around. Mine isn't nearly as cute. Scrapbooking is one area I could use some help in...  It's been awhile since I bought scrapbook paper, but has cardstock gone up? I went to by a 12x12 and it was like 60cents a sheet... what is that?!   so being the cheap person I am, I just went to the dollar store and bought a huge piece of poster board for 50cents... I know i'm cheap, but I wasn't about to pay 3 dollars for a stupid cardstock for a paper banner... anyway, I just traced a shamrock shape and cut it out... then using a black and white damask print scrapbook paper I did hearts to fill in the leafs. A simple circle with a white shamrock in the middle and then the letters are just cardstock. I hot glued the ribbon on the back... done... For 50 cents I'll take it!

1 comment:

Brianne said...

i want to make everything you make. you seriously amaze me! super cute idea!

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